Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bear Grylls is better than you

Let me tell you about something that bothers me.  Every time I watch the show "Man vs Wild" with friends, someone always has to make the comment that Bear Grylls actually stays in hotels and has people there to help him.  If you are unfamiliar with the show, Bear Grylls is this English guy that goes out into different areas of the world with his camera crew and shows us how to survive in hostile environments.  Recently though, it was discovered that sometimes while filming a show, he would stay in hotels and whatnot.  This made a lot of people mad and they claimed that he was a "fake."  Well, I was watching the show the other day and he caught and killed a rattlesnake, gutted it, and then peed in its hollow sock of a body.  A few hours later, when he was thirsty, he drank the pee from the rattlesnake tube.  He drank his own urine/rattlesnake guts...I dont care if this guy is staying the ritziest hotels and eating filet mignon for dinner, he is a bad a** and my hero.  Bear Grylls deserves the man of the year award and I am going to write him in as my vote for president.  I bet when his wife has a baby, he eats the placenta afterward and knows exactly how much protein it contains.  


Granttany said...

I feel the same about Bear Grylls. I recently bought a high definition television that has digital video recording and I have taken advantage of that feature to enjoy man vs. wild. I also saw the "Baja Desert" episode where the snake was beheaded, disemboweled, urinated in and drank out of -- incredible. Man-O-the-year for sure.

Anonymous said...

That last sentence made my day! otherwise the article would have been mediocre. there needs to be more updates especially since cy's window is not nearly as funny!