Sunday, February 21, 2010

Famous Mustaches

 For the last month or more, I have been cultivating my mustache and I have been real pleased with the results.  This is not the first time that I have embarked on such a journey and it shall not be the last.  My mustache has cost me some friends and it has won me some as well.  Growing a mustache has some amazing advantages . .  . it warms your lips, it retains water, it tickles face when you kiss someone and it tastes like whatever you ate that day.  These reasons among others show why many great men, and a few women have decided to devote their lives and their careers to their mustaches.  Lets take a minute and look at some of the more famous mustaches that have ever existed.  See if you can guess the mustache, the first couple will be easy and then they are going to get a bit harder.

Could you guess them?  Well here are the answers in order and you can click on the names for the full picture.  Starting at the top from the left:  
Hulk Hogan: Successful wrestler, most of his opponents were intimidated by his impressive handlebar.
Ghandi:  Skinny Indian pacifist, full handsome mustache.
Mr. Miyagi:  Taught Daniel-Son the sacred art of Karate, the mustache did most of the teaching.  
Ringo Starr:  Drummer for some band, sporting the "sad" mustache. 
Burt Reynolds:  Wore the lifelong mustache, which is highly commendable.
John Waters:  Pencil mustache, gayest mustache ever.
Yanni:  International superstar, his mustache smells like gyros.  
Brad Pitt:  Me and Brad grow the same mustache.  

Here is me with mine:

As you can see, my mustache lacks the girthy fullness of many of these famous mustaches.  This problem has brought me and my mustache to a critical turning point.  Do I commit to my mustache and continue to let him grow unfettered?  Or do I bid farewell and shave him into oblivion?  I am leaving it up to you, faithful blog readers.  If I get ten comments either way (shave or cultivate)  I will abide by your wishes.  Feel free to weigh in.  I would also like to ask the boarding school of girls that seems to read my blog to take a class vote.  Preferably with your heads down so you cannot see what your classmates are voting.    


Sean said...

nurture and cultivate

AubreyMW said...

I vote yes.

Benjamin said...

Retain and trim. Let the fuzz fill in the sparse areas until it reaches its full potential!

Mandie said...

Shave it, that's 1 for me and 1 for aaron

Aimee said...

shave it.

ps. the only one i guessed was brad pitt. pathetic.

Kim Burnham said...

hmmm, not sure really, but I know what Mary would tell you:) fun blog wes! I hope you're doing great:)
come to Kalispell and see us:)

Cyrus said...

Shave it and give it to grandpa in an envelope as a present.

Laura said...

I really hope you shave it.

Cardon & Whitney said...

keep it coming.

Cindy Larson said...

Please, please shave it today

Jenilyn said...

The "Boarding of School of Girls" (anonymity for HIPPA reasons) unanimous vote Cultivate the STACHE!

Hy-dizzle's (one of the girls) definition of mustache: "Don't trust me around your children."
(she begged me to write that). We love you! Ps we got 5/8 of the staches correct....solid "B" ....sadly...brad pitts stache was the easiest.